Diamondbrite Conserver 5 litre

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Diamondbrite Conserver 5 litre
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Product Description

Diamondbrite Conserver is a non-foaming product, that maintains the Diamondbrite protective glaze with monthly use.
This should be applied as a rinse additive after washing your vehicle with Diamondbrite Car Shampoo.
Diamondbrite Conserver can also be applied neat with a clean cloth to leave a tough, anti static protective coating in one operation. When used neat Diamondbrite Conserver will also remove tar, fly stains & traffic film. It also has a mild abrasive content which will remove minor scratches.
Diamondbrite Conserver can also be purchased in a 250 ml or 1 litre size. It is also available as part of our special saver packs.