Diamondbrite Car Shampoo 500ml

Diamondbrite Car Shampoo 500ml
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Regular washing is vital for preserving the finish of your vehicles paintwork.
Diamondbrite shampoo is a high foaming, concentrated shampoo which is derived from vegetable oils. It is therefore fully biodegradable. It removes all types of dirt from your vehicles paintwork & exterior surfaces such as chrome, rubber & plastic.
It can be used as part of the Diamondbrite process to maintain your vehicle in pristine condition. Prior to using the Diamondbrite Conserver, the vehicle should be washed using Diamondbrite Shampoo.
Diamondbrite Shampoo can also be purchased in a 250 ml 1 litre & 5 litre size. It is also available as part of our special saver packs.